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Rebecca Judd reveals the ONE ultimatum AFL star husband Chris gave her when dating

They’ve been married for ten years and share four young children together. 

And despite their rock solid relationship, Rebecca Judd has revealed that her AFL star husband Chris gave her an ultimatum when they first started dating. 

Speaking on the We Are The Real Ones podcast, the 37-year-old WAG said Chris told her he wanted to move to Melbourne, and that if she wanted to be with him, she had to move as well. 

The couple first met in Perth, but Chris wanted to relocate back to his hometown and that was a deal breaker for him. 

‘When we first started going out, he said “just letting you know I’m a Melbourne boy and I will be moving back very, very soon so if you’re down with that we can be together.  Otherwise, if you think you’re going to live in Perth for the rest of your life then, nup,”,’ Bec explained. 

She said she was more than happy to move interstate to be with her man. 

‘I met him when he was drafted to the West Coast Eagles and then he moved to Carlton in Melbourne,’ she said. 

‘I was happy to come across to Melbourne, we’d been together for a while.

‘I was like, “yep okay, I really love you, I love Melbourne, that’s cool!”

She added: ‘We ended up in Melbourne when I was 25. Career and pathways, it panned out.’

Speaking about their relationship over the years, Bec said that they’ve ‘really grown with each other.’ 


She said that being with Chris, 36, has helped her mature.     

‘When I was younger I used to be so bad at admitting fault. Never wrong, I’d never say sorry, it was an admission of fault,’ she explained. 

‘He was a lot more mature than me. Same age as me, but if he was wrong he would always admit to that. Watching him admit to things made me feel a little bit embarrassed about my inability to do that.’

It comes after Bec revealed she and Chris almost split up at the start of their relationship.   

She said she was reminded of her own heart-wrenching moment while watching the Stan Series Normal People, as the main character Marianne Sheridan goes through a near-identical situation.

In the show, the male love interest Connell Waldron tells Marianne he’s seeing somebody else – and Rebecca recalled one night where Chris had done the same. 

‘I was watching it the other day with my husband and there’s this one bit in the show that brought back so many memories that I’d actually forgotten about,’ she explained on her KIIS FM radio show, the 3pm Pick-up.

‘It reminded me of when [Chris] Juddy and I were first hooking up when we were, I think about 19. We had only been hooking up for a little bit. 

‘He had this event to go to and I wasn’t really expecting to be invited to that event because we’d only just got together. But I wasn’t expecting him to invite his ex-girlfriend instead of me!’

Bec went on to explain that Chris had told her about his date at the last minute, and he invited his ex-girlfriend because she already bought a dress for the event.

According to Bec, she was so ‘heartbroken’, she almost broke up with him at the time.

‘It totally set us back I reckon another five or six months. So him and I were on-and-off for 18 months because none of us could actually tell each other what we were really thinking, even though we were mad for each other,’ she revealed. 

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