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Rebecca Judd EXPLODES at Victorian officials for letting people with COVID-19 leave their homes

She has publicly condemned Melburnians who refuse to self-isolate and wear masks in public.

And footy WAG Rebecca Judd, 37, now has some choice words for Victorian officials who are allowing people with COVID-19 to leave their homes to exercise.

On Tuesday, Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Brett Sutton said police officers cannot forbid people from exercising as it would infringe on their basic human rights.

Complaining about Dr Sutton’s statements via Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Rebecca wrote: ‘FFS Victoria [eye-roll emoji]. It’s a pandemic.’ 

‘COVID positive people should not be allowed to leave their houses. Just like in all the other states [facepalm emoji],’ the mother-of-four added. 

Unlike in other states, Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 allows for all Victorians to continue to exercise outside of their homes, even if they have coronavirus. 

Section 21 of the act ‘Right to liberty and security of person’ dictates that ‘a person must not be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention’. 

The state’s recent COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Act 2020 has placed limits on human rights during the state of emergency – but not enough to stop exercise.

Melbourne is almost half way through a six-week lockdown aimed at curbing community spread of the coronavirus. 

Mask wearing in Australia’s second-largest city became compulsory last week. 

Last Wednesday, Rebecca uploaded a photo of herself modelling a designer mask, along with an impassioned caption about slowing the spread of coronavirus. 

‘Wear a mask and stay at home if you’re feeling unwell or you’re awaiting a COVID test result,’ she raged.   

There are 4839 active cases of COVID-19 Victoria as of Wednesday 29 July. 

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