‘Really astonished,’ Harriet Harman says of her husband Jack Dromey’s huge sacrifice.


‘Really astonished,’ Harriet Harman says of her husband Jack Dromey’s enormous sacrifice.

HARRIET HARMAN once said in a throwback interview before her tragic death that her husband Jack Dromey made a huge sacrifice for her career and that she was “really astonished.”

Mr Dromey, a Labour Party shadow minister, died this afternoon, according to his family.

The Birmingham Erdington MP, who was first elected in 2010, died this morning at his home in the constituency.

The politician leaves behind Ms Harman, his daughter, and two sons, whom he married in 1982.

The couple’s long relationship was forged during the late 1970s and early 1980s trade union movement.

Ms Harman once revealed that her husband had gone to great lengths to support her career.

In a rare interview with The Guardian in 2017, the Labour Party’s stalwart discussed their shared dynamic.

Mr Dromey “committed himself to the cause” and assisted her during her successful campaign for deputy Labour leader in 2007.

She revealed in the interview that her late husband would drive her to meetings and even pledged to re-mortgage their home in order to raise £40,000 for her campaign.

“That astounded me,” she said.

I’m blown away.

Because it’s a colossal sum of cash.

“And Jack comes from a very poor family who has never had any money.

However, he’s always been so dedicated.”

She also mentioned how, when she was “exhausted” from work, her husband would encourage her to attend meetings.

“We have a shared belief system,” she continued, “but in a way, that’s why we got together.”

“We had very different upbringings.

We had similar objectives.”

However, Ms Harman said that the couple’s time spent picketing and opposing Margaret Thatcher’s politics ate into their free time.

She was asked if she and her late husband met during a protest and fell in love.

“Something along those lines,” she said.

Or perhaps a courtroom.

“I don’t think anyone went on dates in our world because we were so dedicated to the cause.”

Our lives were on the line.

“With Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, we didn’t do chilling out, relaxing, and being happy.”

No, that is not the case.

It was necessary to complete the task.”

The Labour politician was also questioned about their personal life at home, including whether they have any children.

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