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Real estate agent goes on 12-day drug binge in Brisbane after breaking up with her partner

A real estate agent who split with her long-term partner went on a 12-day drug bender that saw her arrested three times and fired from her dream job.

Siahn Curran, 28, was first spotted by police in Brisbane’s CBD on June 13 at 9pm when officers found her asleep at the wheel of a parked car.

Prosecutor Val Crossley told Sandgate Magistrates Court on Monday officers were suspicious she may be carrying drugs and searched her. 

Sgt Crossley said the officers arrested Curran and drove her to Princess Alexandra Hospital, the Courier Mail reported.

On June 19, police saw Curran driving erratically and pulled her over, finding 0.81 grams of meth and a syringe stashed in her centre console. 

Curran was taken to Royal Women’s Brisbane Hospital and recorded positive reading to a drug test.

Her licence was immediately suspended. 

But police caught her driving again on June 25 during a routine patrol and she was arrested for a third time. 

Curran pleaded guilty to five charges on Monday with her lawyer, David Abrey, noting she had recently broken up with her long-term partner.

‘It seems to have exacerbated her situation and led her to go on a bit of a bender,’ he said. 

‘She has no other explanation or excuses other than she made some very poor decisions. She has lost her employment as a result of this.’ 

Magistrate Jennifer Batts said Curran was lucky she did not seriously injure anyone.

She sentenced Curran to 14 months of probation with a recorded conviction and banned her from driving for three and a half years.

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