Ready, set, go! The Dachshund Dash is an Olympic-themed race for sausage dogs.


Ready, set, go! The Dachshund Dash is an Olympic-themed race for sausage dogs.

WHO SAID THE OLYMPICS WERE ONLY FOR HUMAN BEINGS? In the 100m Dachshund Dash, these four sausage dogs show they’ve got what it takes.

Crusoe, Titan, Jellybean, and Rain, four dogs, compete on the track to be awarded the fastest pup in a hilarious YouTube video. Since it was uploaded in January 2020, the two-minute ten-second clip has been seen nearly four million times.

During the suspenseful race, each dog gives it his all, but Crusoe the Dachshund, one of the world’s most popular sausage dogs, captures the gold in the last stretch.

A slow-motion photo of Cruscoe crossing the finish line captures his victory, with Titan coming in second and Rain third.

Each Dachshund receives a medal on the podium at a medal ceremony, but the race proves too much for Cruscoe, who falls asleep quickly.

To see the entire race, go here.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which were postponed for a year due to the Covid epidemic, kicked off this weekend, kicking off a busy two weeks in the sporting world.

Tokyo has been under heavy lockdown in the run-up to the global event, with the city declaring an emergency earlier this month to help prevent diseases.

Karate, skateboarding, softball, surfing, and sport climbing are among the five new activities that will make their premiere.

Where will the next Olympics be held after Tokyo in 2024?

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The huge race is won by a dog who crashes sports day. ANGRY as a Corbyn ally Olympic 2021: Is it Tokyo 2020 or 2021? Dawn Butler was expelled from the Commons.


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