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CLICK here to read The Future of Education magazine, a 60-page special publication that complements and expands upon the insight provided by The ’s ongoing campaign – launched last August to create a platform for teachers, government, policymakers and wider civic Scotland to drive the national debate around education.

Inside, we shine a light on some of the people, places and organisations currently grappling with the business of learning in Scotland.  We talk to the innovators, the academics and those on the teaching frontline – all striving to create a better education system amid the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic. 

Certainly, the crisis has greatly accelerated the adoption of ‘digital classroom’ models of teaching, but it has also revived other pertinent issues, such as the future of exams and growing problems with mental health.

These themes are touched on inside along with how the inevitable economic downturn will affect vital links between industry and further education establishments.  

There are also the pressing concerns over what impact Brexit will have upon the international standing of our universities and future intake of foreign students. 

As you’ll learn inside, these issues present many challenges that are being confronted head-on by Scotland’s education sector, which is attempting to bring its ‘A’ game to the handling of the pandemic.

What’s also clear is that many view this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to review the status quo and devise new systems to help raise attainment for all in the future.

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4 Comment: John Swinney 
The Deputy First Minister on his new blueprint for the future of education that underlines ‘the pursuit of excellence’

6 Testing times
With the pandemic cancelling traditional exams, is it time for a complete rethink in how we assess classroom performance?

15 Make it all compute  
Ex-Skyscanner COO Mark Logan shares his ideas on how to elevate the importance of computer science in Scottish schools  

21 Positive steps
What more can be done to protect the mental health and emotional wellbeing 
of young people in Scotland?

33 Curating career paths
Colleges are currently preparing students for a very different world of work

39 Provision for all
How the needs of youngsters who require additional assistance are being met

45 In the wake of Brexit
What does leaving the EU mean for the future of Scotland’s universities? 

54 Appliance of science
Why it is never too early to start children on the path towards a future in STEM

58 Infinity and beyond  
The Edinburgh Women in Space Conference is blazing a trail

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