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Rare Kew Gardens 50p coin sells for £250 on eBay – how to check if you’ve got one

A RARE Kew Gardens 50p coin has sold for £250 on eBay – the most it’s ever gone for.

The circulated 50p is estimated to be worth around £171 on the auction site, according to Coin Hunter, but this particular coin ended up selling for almost £80 more.

The most we’ve seen it sell for is £230 back in mid-August this year, so this latest sale really is topping the charts.

The commemorative coin is one of only 210,000 to be made and released into circulation making it the rarest design out there.

To put it in perspective, the sought after Mrs Tiggy-Winkle 50p from the Beatrix Potter collection was released with a mintage of 8.8million.

Meanwhile, more than 17million of the Samuel Johnson dictionary 50p coins were entered into circulation.

The Kew Gardens coin has topped ChangeChecker’s scarcity index for the past few years.

The low mintage makes it a must-have among collectors who are likely to pay over the odds to get their hands on one.

The seller described this coin as being in a “very good condition” despite being circulated, which can be backed up by the clear photographs.

To protect the coin, the seller has also kept it in a clear casing to stop it from getting damaged.

Typically, coins in the best conditions sell for more as many collectors like them to be in a near-mint state.

It is also dated 2009, which is important to double check if you’re thinking of selling your Kew Gardens coin.

The Royal Mint released a second batch of the coins dated 2019 to mark 50 years of the 50p, but these aren’t worth as much.

These uncirculated versions of the coins tend to sell for around £75 on eBay.

The seller set the auction to last for seven days and started the bids at 1p.

After receiving 29 bids from seven potential buyers, the coin finally sold the £250 – that’s 500 times face value.

Of course, we can’t be sure that the seller ever received the cash but it hasn’t been relisted, which indicates that the sale was likely to be legitimate.

If you’ve got one of the coins at home and you’re thinking of selling it, you should consider getting it verified by the Royal Mint as it could push up the price even more.

They won’t be able to value it for you but they can provide you with a letter to confirm that it is legitimate.

To find out how much it’s worth, you can send it off to be valued by an auction house, for example, Chards.

Or you can check to see how much they sell for on eBay by looking at the sold listings to give you a realistic idea of what yours is worth.

Also remember to factor in listing fees before deciding whether to sell the coin.

The Royal Mint is to release a Winnie the Pooh 50p coin that could be worth up to £500.

It’s not just 50p coins that are valuable – we’ve put together a guide to the £2 coins that are worth the most.

Recently we reported how coin collectors have been left fuming after their £55 commemorative coins turned brown making them “worthless”.


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