Range Rover ‘Crash & Collect’ smashes through window into London Argos shop – VIDEO


Range Rover ‘Crash & Collect’ smashes through window into London Argos shop – VIDEO

A RANGE ROVER slammed into the front of an Argos store in central London, destroying everything in its path.

A video circulating on social media shows a black Range Rover with its bonnet stuck into the retailer’s central London store on Warren Street. A Met police cordon is formed up around the incident outside Argos, as officers close off entry to the business, according to video captured by a passenger on a passing bus. It’s unclear how or why the Range Rover collided with the storefront.

At the scene, the luxury 4×4 car’s rear door is wide open, as seen in the footage.

Glass shards can also be seen all around the car, which looks to have smashed through a sliding door entrance.

While the extent of the damage to the store’s inside is unknown, it appears that the car slammed into the entrance.

The security shutters on the shop front look to have been knocked through and ruined as well.

The Range Rover’s rear lights appear to be turned on, and garments can be seen in the vehicle’s boot.

Passers-by may see a police barricade preventing them from approaching the scene of the Argos smash.

Following the incident, police officials can be seen assessing the smashed-up scene.

It’s unknown how or why the car wound up on the street and crashed into the popular catalogue retailer’s front door.

The Metropolitan Police Service has been contacted for comment.

While it is unclear how the Range Rover came up in front of the store, it is not the first time a vehicle has been discovered in this manner.

Burglars used a car to ram their way into a retail center in January 2019 before robbing a phone store.

At around 4 a.m. on January 29, 2019, thieves broke into the Forum Shopping Centre in Wallsend, North Tyneside, North East England, in a black hatchback car.

The spectacular footage, reminiscent of the Italian Job, was captured on CCTV, which captured the robbers’ dawn heist on the center second by second.

It shows the burglars making their way to the O2 mobile phone store, which they broke into and stole phones and other equipment from during the early-morning raid.

The Northumbria police force stated the burglary scene “wouldn’t appear out of place in the film.”Brinkwire Summary News” after releasing the security tape of the incident.


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