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Radio star Kate Langbroek talks about being in lockdown in Italy amid the coronavirus pandemic

After trading Australia for Italy last year, Kate Langbroek now finds herself in lockdown with her family as her adopted country battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy has been one of the countries hit hardest by the health crisis, but appearing on The Project on Thursday, the 54-year-old radio star claimed it’s ‘more terrifying’ to be in Australia right now.  

‘It’s more terrifying to be where you are, where you can see the wave coming. We were just thrust into it. We didn’t have time to even register much,’ she said. 

But she added of life in lockdown: ‘It’s eminently doable. It’s not ideal. It really makes you appreciate the freedoms and the beauty of a normal life.’

Speaking to the program from her home in Bologna, Kate revealed how life has changed for herself, her husband of 17 years, Peter Allen Lewis, and their four children.  

‘The lockdown is interesting, because it keeps coming in stages, and it feels like every few days there’s another decree from the government, which removes another freedom,’ she explained.

‘So already you have to have a form on your phone from the police that basically only authorises four reasons to be out of the house. Medical, food, emergency – I can’t remember the other one, probably going to the tobacconist in Italy.’

She said dog walking had now been banned in the embattled country, along with exercising outdoors  

‘Literally, the only way I can leave the house is if I’m going to get groceries. Even that’s a bit of a nerve-racking proposition,’ she added.

Kate said police patrol the streets, and frequently stop people to determine their reason for being outside.  

On Thursday, Italy’s death toll from the virus surged past 7,500, with 57,521 people infected.

In Australia, there are 2,806 cases of coronavirus, resulting in 13 deaths, as of Thursday night.  

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