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Radio star is disqualified from driving for a year after she crashed her 4WD into a tree

A popular radio host has been suspended from driving for 12 months after she got behind the wheel after drinking and smashing her car into a tree.


Jodie Oddy, who works for Mix 102.3’s breakfast show in Adelaide, was caught driving more than five times over the limit.

The 43-year-old, who has since announced she’s pregnant with her fourth child, crashed her 4WD into a tree at Middleton, south of Adelaide, in December 2018.

At the time, South Australia Police attended the scene where they found Oddy’s car up against a tree at 5pm on December 9.

Police alleged that she recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.256 and she was taken to St Peters hospital to be medically assessed.

In a statement released on Monday, Oddy said she takes ‘full responsibility’ for the crash.  

‘This accident happened after drinking. There is no excuse, because I did it. And I own it,’ she said, ABC News reports.

‘I am embarrassed, disappointed and so angry at myself for this stupid and dangerous mistake.

‘I am so thankful that no one else was hurt and I am acutely aware of the “what if’s” in this scenario because I have relived them every day for the last seven months,’ she added.

The Australian Radio Network also released a statement, saying that although they stand by Oddy, they acknowledged the incident was ‘unquestionably serious’.  

‘We fully support Jodie for her remorse and for taking full responsibility for her actions, and echo the sentiment of her statement,’ a spokesperson said.

‘Jodie is a valued member of ARN who has been with the company for more than 11 years and is highly regarded within the industry.

‘This is reflected in her breakfast show content on air each morning, and the community work that she and the show are tirelessly committed to. 

‘She is someone who loves her work and takes her role as a broadcaster to a family audience seriously.’ 

Oddy has been handed a 12-month driving disqualification and a fine.

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