‘Raab is the scapegoat.’ Boris Johnson is expected to oust Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to make way for Gove.


‘Raab is the scapegoat.’ Boris Johnson is expected to oust Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to make way for Gove.

A political pundit has argued that Dominic Raab’s handling of the Afghanistan problem could cost him his job and force Boris Johnson to replace him with Michael Gove.

Dominic Raab, according to reporter Jake Wallis Simons, could be fired during the impending Cabinet reshuffle. In the aftermath of the botched pullout of Afghanistan over the past two weeks, Mr Wallis Simpson warned that the Foreign Secretary may become the “fall man.” Mr Raab came under fire for delaying his return to the UK from vacation despite the Taliban seizing Kabul and reportedly neglecting to liaise with Pakistan and other neighboring countries to facilitate civilian evacuations.

“I believe Raab’s position will be very difficult to sustain in the impending reshuffle,” the editor of the Jewish Chronicle told Sky News.

“Unless the chickens come home to roost in Number 10, I believe Boris Johnson will be forced to make him the fall person.

“I believe that this is difficult for Boris in some ways.”

“Because Raab has been loyal,” he continued.

“He was chosen to fill in for Boris while he was in the hospital with COVID because he knew Raab wouldn’t try to take over his position permanently.

“Take, for example, Michael Gove, who has a long history of backstabbing with Boris.

“Funnily enough, if and when Dominic Raab is transferred out, Michael Gove may be appointed Foreign Secretary, which will take Michael Gove out of the UK and overseas a lot.

“Perhaps instead of making trouble at Number 10, you should make trouble all across the world.

“So Boris has options, but Raab is likely to be replaced quite soon.”

Dominic Raab has been chastised repeatedly for the disorderly manner of the UK’s exit from Afghanistan.

Mr Raab has been hammered by a slew of MPs.

“There are very huge questions about the quality of our statecraft,” Tobias Ellwood, the Conservative chairman of the Commons Defence Committee, told Talk Radio.

“The inability of our particular relationship to inspire Americans to think in a different way…

“And the quality of our back channels, as well as the strategic insight we have to deliver solutions, both of which we are typically quite pleased of.”

It is unlikely that the Cabinet will be reshuffled anytime soon.


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