Raab is enraged, accusing China of being “reckless” in the wake of a massive data breach.


Raab is enraged, accusing China of being “reckless” in the wake of a massive data breach.

DOMINIC RAAB has slammed China for being “reckless” as the United Kingdom joined a number of other allies in accusing Beijing for a massive data breach.

The Foreign Office has stated that it is working with “like-minded partners” to confirm that Chinese state-backed actors were responsible for getting access to computer networks all across the world through Microsoft Exchange servers. The attacks occurred earlier this year and affected more than a quarter of a million systems around the world. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab hit out at China, saying the cyber attack by “Chinese state-backed entities” was part of a “reckless but predictable pattern of behavior.”

“The cyber attack on Microsoft Exchange Server by Chinese state-backed entities constituted a reckless but typical pattern of behavior,” he blasted in a statement.

“If the Chinese government does not put an end to this systematic cyber sabotage, it may expect to be held accountable.”

The hack was “highly likely to facilitate large-scale espionage, including the acquisition of personally identifiable information and intellectual property,” according to the Foreign Office.

“The UK promptly issued information and advised measures to individuals vulnerable, and Microsoft reported that by the end of March, 92 percent of consumers had patched against the vulnerability,” according to Microsoft.

The National Cyber Security Centre, a group linked to Beijing, hacked more than 70 firms in the UK (NCSC).

Allies who are close This attribution has the approval of the United States, NATO, and the European Union.

The servers were hacked, setting off big alarm bells because the hackers exposed the victim networks to subsequent criminal attacks.

Officials from the National Cyber Security Center said it’s “almost certain” that the intrusion was carried out and exploited by a Chinese state-backed actor.

“The attack on Microsoft Exchange servers is another significant example of a criminal conduct by Chinese state-backed entities in cyberspace,” said Paul Chichester, director of operations.

“This type of behavior is entirely unacceptable, and we will not hesitate to call it out when we see it with our partners.”

“The compromise and exploitation of the Microsoft Exchange server jeopardized the security and integrity of thousands of computers and networks globally, including in member states and EU institutions,” said EU high representative Josep Borrell.

“It gave access to a large number of hackers, who have continued to exploit the breach to this day.

Brinkwire Summary News: “This careless and dangerous behavior led in security problems.”


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