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1/1 and 1/1

Just what it is.

An entry-level VR headset with plenty of premium features to contend with the big guns.

Great points?

Oculus has found a formula for characteristics/prices that satisfies all the basic requirements and then some. In general, VR headsets fall into two categories: low-end standalone versions for the PC and high-end variants. The Oculus Quest 2 falls between these two formats, as it can act or be linked to a PC as a standalone unit.

This machine doesn’t feel like you’re wearing an anvil on your forehead, unlike other budget rigs. Weighing just over half a kilogram, even after playing for a long time, it is very light and easy to wear.

A high-resolution display, 6 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor ensure a gaming experience that is powerful yet smooth. Even in games with a lot of hand raising, such as Beat Saber, the revamped touch controls are well balanced and feel normal.

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Setup is less complicated than other systems, because with a controller you simply outline the play area on the floor, trigger the guard, and off you go. Before you come into contact with any furniture, you are warned as soon as you step beyond the specified area, and mercifully.

Points negative?

To sign in, a Facebook-linked account is needed, which is more of a nuisance than an issue. No headphones are built in, so you’ll either have to plug in your own or broadcast the game’s audio to your teammates.

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Best for the…

Those who prefer a more immersive feel from their games.

Avoid if …

You’re prone to motion sickness, as VR takes some getting used to.

Rating: 9/10.

Oculus Quest 2, €299 (


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