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Queensland records no new COVID-19 cases as Annastacia Palaszczuk gets glamorous new hair style

With no new coronavirus cases and a stunning new hairdo, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had two reasons to smile on Tuesday morning. 

There were fears a new COVID-19 cluster could explode in the state after six people connected to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre at Wacol, in the city’s south-west, were diagnosed at the weekend.

But after a massive testing effort on Monday, with more than 8,000 Queenslanders coming forward, no new cases were recorded in the 24 hours to Tuesday. 

Showcasing her newly cut, glossy locks, Ms Palaszczuk addressed Australia in a slimming white jacket and scarlet lipstick.  

‘It is wonderful news that we have had zero overnight cases,’ she said. 

There are 18 active cases of coronavirus in Queensland, with only one new case on Monday: a relative of a worker at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

The detention facility is linked to Queensland’s first community outbreak in more than a month, since two young women allegedly lied on their border declaration passes and snuck into the Sunshine State after visiting Victoria. 

Diana Lasu, 21, Olivia Winnie Muranga, 19, later tested positive for coroanvirus sparking fears of a huge outbreak.

Both women and their friend Haja Timbo, 21, have been charged under the public health act with one count each of providing false or misleading documents and fraud. If convicted they face up to five years in jail and fines of up to $13,345.

Five workers from the detention centre, and five family members, have now tested positive.

Queensland Health released a list of 29 at-risk locations throughout Brisbane which could have been exposed to coronavirus. 

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the outbreak is likely linked to the two young women who allegedly lied their way into the state. 

‘It looks like this cluster has the same viral strain as one of the young women who went down to Melbourne … at this stage it does look like it could be linked,’ she said. 

Dr Young is urging Queenslanders in the area to keep getting tested, as she believes there may have been a missed case, which has led to community transmission.  

‘We will need to continue those testing levels for the next week to just make sure that there is not a case that we have missed,’ she said.

‘I am beginning to think that is what has happened with this detention cluster.

‘So now we have that early genome sequencing information.’ 

Ms Palaszczuk, who usually wears her hair straight or tied up in a ponytail, is single, but says finding love in her line of work is ‘almost impossible’.    

‘If the right person came along, I would be open to it but…I’m not going to settle (for anyone),’ she told the Courier Mail.  

‘It’s simply not true that we all need a partner to be fulfilled. It’s lovely when it’s the right person, of course, but it is very possible to be single and very happy.’ 

Residents in south-east Queensland are being urged to wear masks whenever they find themselves in crowded places. 

Hundreds of people were turned away from testing centres in the Gold Coast on Monday and told to return on Tuesday. 

Gyms, nail salons, grocery stores and takeaway restaurants have been on high alert since Sunday. 

From August 9th to August 21st, infected Queenslanders visited 29 locations up to 43 times, potentially exposing thousands of people to the deadly respiratory virus. 

Queensland health authorities were forced to limit indoor and outdoor gatherings in the state’s southeast to ten people. 

There is also a 30-person limit on gatherings elsewhere in the state and aged care homes were also put on lockdown.

‘We’re concerned about this (detention centre) cluster because people have been out and about in the community,’ Ms Palaszczuk said over the weekend. 

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