Queen’s heartbreak: During a tumultuous royal year, the monarch ‘prayed.’


Queen’s heartbreak: During a tumultuous royal year, the monarch ‘prayed.’

QUEEN ELIZABETH II is reported to have had to “pray” for the Royal Family during a difficult year.

Prince Philip died on April 9th at the age of 99, and the Duke of Edinburgh was put to rest at Windsor Castle on April 17th. In March, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their retirement from royal duties, while Prince Andrew is embroiled in a sexual abuse case.

According to royal author Matthew Dennison, Her Majesty has resorted to her faith to assist her cope with the Royal Family’s crises.

“She has a deep religious faith,” he stated.

“One of the things the queen has done throughout this is pray.”

“She also has a solid structure of loyal, supporting private secretaries, ladies in waiting, and devoted friends around her.

“She also has her close-knit family’s support.”

Mr Dennison told Fox News that the Queen “finds it difficult to tackle unpleasant topics.”

“I think she has gotten better with time,” he added.

Despite the passing of Philip earlier this year, he informed the US media that he believes Her Majesty has no plans to abdicate.

“There was never a realistic anticipation that the death of the Duke of Edinburgh would lead to the queen abdicating,” the author continued.

“She has always been very clear that the vows she made in her coronation are binding, in the few times she has spoken about it to her close friends.”

“These are pledges she made in church to God. These are sacramental promises.” Mr Dennison further stated that despite Harry and Meghan’s migration to the United States, the Queen remains close to them.

“She reacted extremely tenderly to her grandchild, but she reacted quite plainly and powerfully as well,” he said.

“There’s little doubt the queen was disappointed by what transpired. And it was pretty surprising in Britain when the interview [with Oprah]aired.” Her Majesty had previously lauded BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ for demonstrating “Christianity as a living faith.”

“For 60 years, ‘Songs of Praise’ has joined congregations and BBC viewers around the United Kingdom in collective worship,” she stated in a pre-recorded statement for the program.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “During that time, the program has shown Christianity as a living faith not simply via.


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