Queen has stated that she will not’slow down’ and will continue to ‘perform center stage.’


Queen has stated that she will not’slow down’ and will continue to ‘perform center stage.’

THE QUEEN was seen with a walking stick when she returned from Balmoral, but a royal expert says this isn’t an indication that the monarch will “slow down” after Prince Philip’s death.

Prince Philip died in April at the age of 99, making him the longest-serving and oldest consort in history.

Following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, it was expected that the Queen would hand over her responsibilities to Prince Charles.

Duncan Larcombe, a royal specialist, refutes these assumptions, claiming that while the monarch has been seen using a cane, she is “no Queen Victoria.”

“Queen Victoria became a recluse when Prince Albert died,” he told OK! magazine.

“Rather than appearing in public, she wore black every time she went out and spent the rest of her reign attempting to erect tributes to her late husband.”

“Since she returned from Balmoral, the Queen has sent us a signal that says, ‘I’m no Queen Victoria,’ and maybe the stick plays into that.”

When attending a service commemorating the Royal British Legion’s centenary, the 95-year-old monarch was seen with a walking stick to support her.

The Queen did not take the conventional route inside the abbey, instead opting for a shorter trek.

“We’ve seen The Queen return from Balmoral, and the walking stick is the only evident indicator that she’s slowing down a little.

“People believed for years that when Philip died, the Queen would calm down, prepare to pass on to Charles, and tone back her activities.

“I don’t think the walking stick means the end is near because you only have to look at her diary and what she’s done in the last few weeks to see what she’s been up to.”

“She’ll be involved in COP26 next month, and all eyes will be on Scotland, with The Queen taking center stage.”

“It’s a statement of intent from her, and granted, she’s using a walking stick to support herself, but given how busy she is and how much time she spends on her feet, I believe most people will wonder why she hasn’t been doing that for 20 years.“

The Queen has a number of engagements coming up, including the COP26 conference in Glasgow next month, which she will attend with Prince Charles and Prince William.

The Queen comes first. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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