Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘icy’ feud with Prince William and Kate Middleton over royal responsibilities.


The ‘icy’ feud between the Queen and Prince William and Kate Middleton over royal responsibilities.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II reportedly had an “icy” feud with Prince William and Kate Middleton over royal responsibilities, leaving the monarch “enraged.”

As the Royal Family prepares for yet more testing times, a royal expert predicted this week that Kate will become even more important to the Queen this year.

The scandal surrounding Prince Andrew’s lawsuit continues to have an impact on the Firm, with a judge deciding whether the case will go to trial this week.

Concerns have also been raised about Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, which is expected to further sour relations within the Royal Family.

Kate could play a bigger role as a result of these challenges, according to royal author Katie Nicholl.

“We’ve seen her leadership in the aftermath of Megxit in recent years, during which she’s remained calm and carried on,” she told Closer.

“I think she’ll come into her own even more this [coming]year, especially since it’ll be a difficult year for the royals.”

“The royals have been thrown into chaos by Harry and Meghan’s interviews [in 2021], and Harry’s new memoir – due out [in 2022]– will likely reveal even more intimate details about the Royal Family, causing even more problems.”

“And so will Andrew’s court case.”

Kate will step up, and I’m confident the Queen will rely on her more than ever.”

While Kate and Prince William have cemented their status as senior royals, reports from 2017 show that they haven’t always managed to impress the Queen.

The Queen was “enraged” at the time, according to Life and Style Magazine, after William suggested Kate – who was pregnant with their third child – scale back her royal duties permanently.

“Kate wants her public appearances kept to a minimum, and he’s 100 percent behind her,” a source said.

“The exchange was quite icy,” they added.

The Queen was also “furious” that the future Queen would want to “reduce her responsibilities,” according to the source.

When her father died and she ascended to the throne, she was 25 years old with two young children (Prince Charles and Princess Anne).

She had two more children after she was crowned (Prince Andrew and Prince Edward), leaving them at home with nursery staff while she went on official Commonwealth tours.

The rumored feud with the Cambridges would not be the first time the Queen and the Cambridges disagreed about parenting styles.

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