Queen Elizabeth II is’mellowing with age’ as she offers Fergie a ‘glimmer of hope’ for reunion.


Queen Elizabeth II is’mellowing with age’ as she offers Fergie a ‘glimmer of hope’ for reunion.

QUEEN Elizabeth II has been “very tentatively” reacquainting Sarah Ferguson with the royal fold by inviting her to Balmoral and the Ascot races.

Sarah Ferguson has been re-invited to royal gatherings on a “cautious” basis, which expert Tom Quinn believes is due to the Queen “mellowing in her old age.” Fergie has had a tense relationship with her royal in-laws since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1992, but she has been spotted at Balmoral and Ascot in recent years.

Glynis Barber, the narrator of the Channel 5 documentary “When Fergie Met the Monarchy,” says there has been a “glimmer of hope” for Fergie in recent years.

“After Prince William’s wedding, the Queen began carefully inviting Sarah to various events,” she revealed.

“She’s been to Ascot, and she’s been to Balmoral,” said royal author Tom Quinn.

“I believe the Queen is mellowing with age. “Look, we’re just going to try this, but if you put a foot wrong, it’ll all halt again,” I believe the Queen is saying tentatively.

Sarah Ferguson was also invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding at St George’s Chapel in 2018.

Due to her recent involvement in a pay-for-access scheme, she had previously been excluded from Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

She said in a recent interview that she didn’t feel “worthy” of being invited to their 2011 wedding and that she flew to Thailand to “heal.”

Following her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1992, her ties with the Royal Family grew acrimonious.

The British tabloids revealed pictures of Fergie sunbathing topless with American investor John Bryan licking her toes in August of that year.

The Queen and Prince Philip were said to be enraged and requested that she leave Balmoral, the royal retreat.

She was also criticized in the 1990s for her extravagant lifestyle, which left her £2 million in debt by 2010.

Her connection with the Royal Family has strengthened since then, and she visited Balmoral in 2013 and attended the Ascot horse races with the Queen.

She is said to be accompanying Prince Andrew to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle this summer to spend time with her former mother-in-law.

The divorced couple maintains a strong friendship and shares a home. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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