Queen Elizabeth has worn flowery and bird-feather headgear for the past 70 years of her reign.


Queen Elizabeth has worn flowery and bird-feather headgear for the past 70 years of her reign.

Throughout her nearly 70-year reign, QUEEN ELIZABETH has favored extravagant headwear.

Queen Elizabeth has worn a variety of caps on her famed curls since her accession to the throne at the age of 25. The Queen has worn every hat type imaginable, from faux-flower swimming caps in the early 1960s to fuzzy winter Cossack hats.

She even wore a set of falcon wings on her way to see her accountant in 1976.

Elizabeth wore a white-petaled hat fashioned en vogue for her by Elizabeth Taylor earlier in 1962.

This was for the Epsom Derby, which took place in Surrey in June.

The Queen’s first Jubilee celebration took place in 1962, when she celebrated her 10-year milestone.

The Queen will always wear a matching hat with flowers, bird feathers, or another unique style, in addition to her vibrant block colored jackets and gowns.

Queen Elizabeth has provided royal viewers several fabulous hat moments during her reign as the longest-reigning British monarch.

In 2006, Queen Elizabeth turned 80 years old and wore a hot pink gown with a matching headpiece.

Its fuchsia curls and angled profile gave the monochrome ensemble a nice twist.

The Queen wore a blue turquoise hat with appliqué flowers at the opening of the Welsh Assembly in Wales in 2013.

This was a stunning blue hat with a pink flower in the front that provided a great contrast.

In magnificent splendor, Queen Elizabeth attended the 2013 Royal Ascot, a horse event famed for its rigorous hat dress requirement.

She accessorized her white straw hat with blue feathers to match her outfit, which was ideal for the light summer.

The 60th anniversary of the end of WWII was commemorated in a solemn manner in 2005.

However, Queen Elizabeth looked stunning in an off-white tulle hat with purple plumes.

Thousands of people flocked to the streets of Toronto to see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they came to visit.

With a coral headdress topped with matching flowers and lime green embellishments, Queen Elizabeth could be noticed from afar.

This hat was a crowd-pleaser against the backdrop of Canada’s beauty.

The Queen wore a lavender hat with summery flowers and a purple bow that glittered in the sun for the 2013 Royal Ascot horse race.

“Brinkwire Summary News” said that Queen Elizabeth turned 90 in 2016, making her the oldest person to attain that age.


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