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Qld study profiles killers to find bodies

You’ve probably heard of detectives profiling killers based on the location of a body, but until now it’s never been done the other way around.

In a world-first study, James Cook University PhD student Jim Whitehead is profiling murders in a bid to find other victims.

“If I know the offender and victim, their relationship, height and weight proportions, locality et cetera then some predictions can be made about the disposal methods and locations,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Analysing data from 729 homicide cases in Queensland, the Brisbane-based researcher found there were some similarities on body locations.

He noted there was consistency across cases including distance from the murder site, distance from a road or walking track, and the direction bodies are taken for disposal.

“The relationship between the offender and their victim also has a big bearing on disposal methods, but there’s also often very little thought put into it,” Mr Whitehead said.

The student said his analysis will help give closure to grieving families and potentially put more murderers behind bars.

“From a criminal justice perspective, it is difficult to prove murder without a body, and therefore difficult to prosecute and secure a conviction,” he said.

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