Putin tests a deadly new weapon just days after the United States launches a missile.


Putin tests a deadly new weapon just days after the United States launches a missile.

RUSSIA announced on Monday that it has successfully test-fired a hypersonic cruise missile from a submarine for the first time, only days after the United States confirmed its own test.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has highlighted the Zircon, or Tsirkon, missile as part of his arsenal of ostensibly unrivaled weapons systems. The missile was successfully launched by the Severodvinsk submarine in the Barents Sea, according to Russia’s defense ministry.

According to video footage given by the government, the launch took occurred at night.

In July, Russia conducted a test shot of the Zircon missile from a warship.

The missile was launched from the Admiral Gorshkov, a warship in the White Sea, and traveled at nearly seven times the speed of sound before hitting a land target more than 217 miles away on the Barents Sea shore.

“During the testing, the tactical and technical qualities of the Tsirkon missile were validated,” the ministry stated in a statement.

In one of his most bellicose statements in years, Mr Putin disclosed a spectrum of new hypersonic weapons, claiming they could target practically any point on the globe and bypass a US-built missile shield.

However, some Western analysts have questioned how advanced Russia’s new generation of weapons are, while acknowledging that hypersonic missiles are difficult to track and intercept due to their combination of speed, maneuverability, and altitude.

Last week, the United States declared that it had successfully tested an air-breathing hypersonic missile capable of traveling at five times the speed of sound, led by Vice President Joe Biden.

The Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) underwent a free flight test last week, according to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA.

Hypersonic weapons move at speeds of up to five times the speed of sound, or about 6,200 kilometers (3,853 miles) per hour, in the upper atmosphere.

According to DARPA, “Raytheon Technologies’ missile was launched from an airplane seconds before its Northrop Grumman scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) engine ignited.

“The HAWC vehicle performs best in an oxygen-rich environment, where its speed and maneuverability make detection difficult.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “It could hit a lot of targets.”


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