Put Germany out of your mind! The EU alliance is collapsing as a Macron foe claims that France should avoid Berlin.


Put Germany out of your mind! The EU alliance is collapsing as a Macron foe claims that France should avoid Berlin.

According to Emmanuel Macron’s challenger Marine Le Pen, France should abandon Germany since it is “not a good partner for Paris in the realm of sovereignty.”

The far-right leader, who was re-elected as the party’s leader earlier this month, ripped apart President Macron’s “German policy” since his election in 2017. She is preparing for the presidential election in April of next year, in which she will attempt to topple the centrist president.

Ms Le Pen outlined her geopolitical perspective in a column published in the French daily newspaper L’Opinion.

She also used the opportunity to criticize President Macron’s strategy, which she claimed was too close to Berlin’s.

She said that the French president’s “German policy” had “become a big illusion shattered in contact with German realities.”

She claimed that the French partnership with their German neighbors had resulted in nothing but “disillusions, betrayals, and abandonment” on a diplomatic and military level.

“The first delusion was to imagine that Germany could divorce itself from the US in favor of a European defense,” she added, adding that “Berlin solely thinks of NATO.”

“Berlin will always pursue its own policy: combine the countries of Mitteleuropa (Central Europe) against a Russia that is always present in its calculations, whether friend or adversary,” she continued.

She said that Germany wanted to “participate initially, then impose itself, and finally lead” in NATO, the EU, specific conflicts, drones, space, combat aircraft, and ground systems.

Ms Le Pen stated that France will have to seek new alliances outside of Europe since “the alliance with Germany gives no interest.”

She proposed that Paris consider forming a new partnership with the British, with whom it “shares a comparable diplomatic and nuclear standing.”

She also stated that France should enhance its ties with the United States by “renegotiating an alliance treaty focused on the Indo-Pacific and space problems.”

Last month, her National Rally party was humiliated in regional elections, failing to win control of even a single region.

The poor showing sparked speculation that Ms Le Pen’s political career was gone.

However, when party members re-elected her as leader this month, the answer was a resounding “no.”

In the first round of the presidential election next year, polls show Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron neck and neck.

However, evidence backs this up. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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