Puppy survives after falling 40ft off bridge into frozen River Ayr


A lucky pup has made it home after surviving a terrible 40ft fall into a frozen river that left him with significant internal bleeding.

11-month-old Monty, a lagotto romagnolo, crashed through the ice covering the River Ayr in Prestwick, Scotland.

His owner, Phil Hobbins, then jumped into the water to rescue Monty and rushed him to a pet emergency clinic.

Mr Hobbins and his family were out for a walk when the puppy made a dash for 19th Century Oswald’s bridge.

The family looked on in horror as the pup skidded and fell into the water below.

“There are no cars and it’s a rural walk, so we didn’t think anything of it,” Mr Hobbins said.

“But it was frosty and when he jumped up to have a look at the water, he skidded and fell over the edge.

Monty is one lucky pup

“He dropped at least 40 feet onto the ice and went through into the water.

“That should be a fatal fall and if he’d gone over the middle section, where it was quite rocky below, it would have been.

“But he went over at an end where there was ice and water, which must have given him a chance.”

Monty was rushed to the Vets Now clinic in Kilmarnock, where he was given blood transfusions to keep him alive.

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“Panic had really set in because his breathing was so shallow and slow,” he said.

“We were all upset and scared and the nurse took one look, picked him up and sprinted inside with him.”

Senior vet Simon Patchett said Monty’s gums were white and had “very abnormal” chest sounds.

He added: “We did an X-ray and ultrasound scan and found he had significant internal bleeding.

Phil Hobbins with 11-month-old puppy Monty

“His chest was filling up with large amounts of blood and air, restricting his ability to breathe and we had to urgently deal with that.

“We placed drains into his chest, removed the blood that was building up and transfused this blood back into his veins.”

Following the treatment, however, Monty made a full recovery and was able to return home four days later.

“When we picked him up he was wagging his tail and full of beans,” said Mr Hobbins.

“It was so emotional. He’s a big part of our family and he’s kept us busy throughout lockdown.

“It’s an absolute miracle that he survived the fall that should have killed him. And we know he wouldn’t be with us now if it wasn’t for Simon.

“We’ll never be able to thank him enough for what he did.”


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