Puppey Says They’re Saving Strategies for The International 10—Mocks OG After Winning ‘Dota 2’ TI10 Team Secret Update: Puppey Says They’re Saving Strategies for The International 10—Mocks OG After Winning


“Dota 2” T10 Main Event has been a surprising event since it began on Oct. 12. One of the most amazing matches that happened was between OG and Team Secret.

For the past few years, OG has been in the upper bracket in each The International tournaments. However, the professional esports group has faced various issues, such as the latest medical condition of Sebastien “Ceb” Debs, which forced him to have eye surgery.

Despite his recent health condition, he was still able to play for the popular team. But, Team Secret was still able to have a flawless victory against their competitor.

Secret was lead by Nisha, who decided to use Ember Spirit, allowing him to have a KDA standing of 20/3/22.

“Good morning from the Upper Bracket,” captioned Team Secret via its official Twitter account.

‘Dota 2’ T10 To See More From Team Secret

According to UpComer’s latest report, Puppey shared that they are saving more efficient strategies from him and his teammates. As of the moment, what he is saying is true since they are now 2-0 in the ongoing “Dota 2” The International 10 Main Event.

After their victory, Puppey had an interview with one of the game’s hosts. Clement Ivanov, the current captain of Team Secret, was interviewed by Jake Kanter, asking him questions about the game.

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The interviewer added that this is the first time that Secret has entered The International without being the “Dota 2” community’s favorite. This is one many viewers were shocked that their favorite OG lost against Puppey and his teammates.

Based on Puppey’s statements, it seems like he is now considering the current TI10 as a major tournament, claiming that in “Dota 2,” there are actually no tournaments.

He added that there’s no reason to overdo anything. Aside from this, Puppey also explained that they already got what they wanted in. Brinkwire Summary News.


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