Pupils are ‘fed up’ with the Covid swab and the headteacher has issued a serious warning.


Pupils are rejecting the Covid swab because they are “fed up,” according to the headteacher.

A FRUSTRATED West Yorkshire headmaster revealed that a staggering 85% of students refused to take the lateral flow test when they returned to school, with one out of every five students testing positive.

Headteacher Adrian Kneeshaw expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that only 15% of students in a Wakefield secondary school in West Yorkshire agreed to take the lateral flow test, with the vast majority opting out.

Despite the low percentage of positive swabs, Mr Kneeshaw revealed that a staggering 20% of those who tested positive were sent home to self-isolate and protect others.

In order to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak, the upset headmaster stressed that everyone had been “well-communicated” that on-site Covid testing was required prior to returning to class.

He revealed that a large number of children disobeyed the rules, presumably with the support of their parents, and that 85 percent decided to show up without a valid proof that they had tested negative.

Mr Kneeshaw told GB News that everyone has grown tired of the constant testing.

“Unfortunately, the testing there has been disappointing,” he said.

“On return to school, I only do the testing in secondary school.”

“Only about 15% of students signed up for the test, which is significantly lower than last year.

“It was well communicated before the end of the semester and the beginning of the new semester this year.”

“Because it was disappointing, we’re wondering if the parents and students are getting tired of it.”

“As a result of that, we had 20% positive tests, which was higher than we had anticipated.”

Secondary students and staff are encouraged to test themselves twice a week, if not more frequently, in the event of an epidemic.

Mr Kneeshaw did not say whether a student’s failure to test resulted in them becoming persona non grata inside a school and being denied admission.

Those who tested positive for yes were sent home, he explained.

“As a result, they’ll have to go into self-isolation.”

“This obviously reduced the number of students enrolled in school.”

“However, that was more than we expected, and higher than the government claimed was prevalent in the general population, but 20% of those who were tested did.”

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