Psychopathic predator who pretended to be a cop and raped women while threatening them with a fake gun was sentenced to 14 years in prison.


Psychopathic predator who pretended to be a cop and raped women while threatening them with a fake gun was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

A SICK pervert who pretended to be a police officer and raped two women has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

During the heinous attacks on two Brazilian sex workers in London, Pawel Pazola produced a toy gun and a police badge.

The women, both in their twenties, were threatened with deportation and arrest by the 51-year-old.

Prior to reporting the separate attacks, the two women had never met.

Pazola, of Crawley, West Sussex, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the heinous crimes yesterday at Wood Green Crown Court.

The court heard about Pazola’s use of an escort website to arrange sexual services for both victims.

The first victim was met in August last year at a flat in Camden, North London, where he “forced her to engage in sexual acts that went beyond their agreement,” according to the Met Police.

Just two weeks after the initial North London attack, the woman posted about her ordeal on a Whatsapp group chat for other Brazilian sex workers, where another group member said she had a similar experience.

Pazola set up a meeting with a woman once more, this time in Bayswater, Westminster, South West London.

He forced her to engage in sexual acts to which she had not given her consent.

During both attacks, he pretended to be a police officer, brandishing a fake police badge and replica handgun, as well as stealing money from the victims for their services.

He also robbed the second victim of additional funds.

“Pazola is a highly dangerous predator who sought to exploit the victims’ perceived vulnerabilities for his own gratification and monetary gain,” said Detective Sergeant Sam Lockstone, who led the investigation.

“I’d like to congratulate the victims on their bravery and courage throughout the investigation and trial.”

I’m especially happy that our encouraging response to the first victim prompted the second victim to come forward.

“The Metropolitan Police Service’s response to sex work has not changed; our top priority remains addressing vulnerability and exploitation associated with on-street, off-street, and online sex work.”

“Our approach is not to criminalize the sex workers involved, but to protect and support them, as well as to foster mutual trust and confidence so that information can be shared to improve safety.”

“I hope that this sentence demonstrates the Metropolitan Police Service’s commitment to combating crimes against sex workers and violence against women and girls in all forms.”

“The survivor faced multiple barriers in disclosing the crimes committed against her, including fear of stigma and prejudice about whether she’d be believed, mistrust in figures of authority, a language barrier, and concerns about her immigration status,” a spokesperson for the charity Rehab UK said.


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