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Prolific bed-wetter bashes and stabs his wife after she tried to make him sleep in the spare bed

A chronic bed-wetter who bashed and stabbed his wife has been sentenced to just three years in prison.

Corey Lee Milner, 48, from Tasmania, became outraged after his wife tried to make him sleep in their spare bed following a day-long drinking session.

The court heard that the couple had an agreement that Milner would sleep in another room after he became drunk, the Mercury reported on Friday.

On the afternoon of April 28, Ms Milner feared her ‘intoxicated’ husband would wet the bed again at their Nunamara home.

When she attempted to guide him away from the main bedroom at about 5pm, Milner threw her to the floor, pushed her head against the ground and repeatedly punched her in the face.

‘You went to the kitchen and took a carving knife from the block,’ Justice Michael Brett told the court.

Milner then tried to stab his wife several times in the stomach.

‘She was able to prevent you from stabbing her by holding your wrist,’ Justice Brett said.

The court heard Milner changed his grip on the knife and then stabbed her in the shoulder which left Ms Milner with five stitches.

Although the sickening attack also left Ms Milner with red marks on her body, deep bruising and severe swelling on her head and face, Justice Brett said the injuries could easily have proven fatal.

Her layers of clothing offered some amount of protection and helped to stop the blade from penetrating her skin.

‘Clearly if you had succeeded … the knife would have caused a serious wound with potentially catastrophic consequences… (You) could have inflicted lethal injury,’ Justice Brett said.

A wounded Mrs Milner finally managed to escape the house when her husband fell down.

She then called the police and was taken to hospital.

Milner, who has a long history of domestic violence against his wife and other family members said he still cares for his wife but accepts his relationship is over.

His conviction was backdated to April 28, meaning Milner will be eligible for parole after serving 18 months.

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