‘Projectile’ family took home has been detonated – police

An “unexploded projectile” a family took home from a Wellington regional park has been detonated.

Police said the family discovered the “old projectile from a World War Two era artillery round” in Belmont Regional Park a couple of weeks ago.

“The kids took it home to their grandparents house, and after googling the item they thought it was safe to keep and clean it up to take to school for show and tell,” said constable Rob Eastham.

But after one grandparent voiced concern about its safety, they put the projectile in the backyard and contacted police this morning.

It was then given to Kāpiti Coast police, who consulted with the Defence Force about what should be done with it, after putting a cordon in place and evacuating nearby houses as a precuation.

The Defence Force inspected the projectile and confirmed it was “potentially still live” and should be detonated in a controlled explosion, he said.

Mr Eastham said police transferred the projectile to a safe location at Higgins Quarry in Paraparaumu and buried it under about a metre of gravel.

It was detonated by remote from about 300 metres away.


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