Problems with China’s supply chain might cause huge disruptions for Christmas consumers in the United Kingdom.


SUPPLY CHAIN issues from China could result in a “challenging” Christmas for many Britons, according to an expert.

CEO of Scurri and delivery management expert Rory O’Connor insisted Britons could see a “challenging Christmas”. During an interview with This website, he said the supply chain issues from China due to idle factories could eventually impact the UK. He added the impact of the Suez Canal incident from this year was still being felt.

He warned that these issues accompanied by an HGV driver shortage would ultimately create a perfect storm of challenges.

Mr O’Connor said: “I think the driver shortage will play a contributing factor to the Christmas period.

“What I think is going to be challenging is the China situation, factories, idle factories have been causing supply chain problems.

“The fallout of the Suez Canal blockage is still kind of snaking its way through the supply chain.

“There could be potential shortages of electronic devices.

“Many retailers orders are not going to arrive on time so I think there will be shortages in all areas of retail.”

Mr O’Connor emphasised that these supply chain issues on top of the driver shortages would make the Christmas period more difficult.

He said: “The driver shortage on top of that is going to add to it.

“It is going to be a challenging Christmas right across the board.

“I think retailers might get a bad press this year but it is not really their fault.

“The regulations, the more complex, Covid and that perfect storm coming together is the challenge.”

Mr O’Connor concluded by emphasising that it was not one single issue causing problems in the UK.

He said: “You have got industry structure, the working conditions are tough, so I don’t think there is anyone thing to blame.

“It is not the EU, the Government or covid, it is a perfect storm of things coming together.

“There is a real need for a kind of broader view on things to make sure there is a more permanent solution put in place to fix it.

“There is no easy solution to this problem.”


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