Priti Patel’s gift of £54 million to the French to combat Channel crossings has sparked outrage: ‘Why?’


Priti Patel’s gift of £54 million to the French to combat Channel crossings has sparked outrage: ‘Why?’

PRITI PATEL defended paying £54 million to France in order to prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel.

The Home Secretary stated yesterday that she had reached an agreement with her French counterpart to try to reduce the number of people undertaking the perilous trek. It includes boosting the number of French police officers patrolling northern beaches and collaborating on smuggling gang intelligence.

Tory MPs, on the other hand, were upset when the UK offered an additional £54 million to support France’s efforts to prevent small boats from crossing the Channel from Calais to England.

At a committee meeting this morning, East Worthing MP Tim Loughton slammed the Home Secretary, claiming the extra spending was “stupid” and “makes a mockery” of the UK.

“We gave them 31.5 million euros last year, and now you’re about to give them another £54 million to do the same thing?” he inquired.

“What makes you think this time will be different? The French are not cooperating.”

With more than five months left in 2021, the number of persons who have made the perilous trek across the English Channel in small boats has surpassed the amount for the entire year of 2020.

On Tuesday, at least 287 migrants arrived in the UK, raising the total for the year to at least 8,452.

This statistic outnumbers the 8,417 persons that crossed the Dover Strait in small boats throughout the entire year of 2020.

“Yesterday we had a French military navy vessel escorting one of the boats into British territorial seas and then attempting to give over the occupants to a boat full of journalists,” Mr Loughton told Ms Patel.

“This is absurd, and it makes a mockery of the situation.

“So simply giving the French more money to keep doing what they’re doing wrong won’t address the problem.

“When are you going to convince the French that they can intercept and that they should intercept?”

“That is the only way to stop off the supply of people arriving to Calais thinking they can cross the channel when, in fact, they shouldn’t be able to if the French did what they are supposed to do under international law.”

Yesterday, ITV’s Good Morning Britain accused a French navy cruiser of abandoning migrants in the English Channel alongside the media boat.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” defending the UK’s cooperation with France.


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