Priti Patel is pushing a law through that gives Border Force immunity if refugees are killed.


Priti Patel is pushing a law through that gives Border Force immunity if refugees are killed.

PRITI PATEL is attempting to pass legislation in Parliament that would protect Border Force agents from criminal prosecution if migrants died while being turned back in the English Channel.

The bill is now being debated in the House of Commons. Campaigners discovered that the fine text of the Home Secretary’s Nationality and Borders Bill will provide officers more legal protections.

Colin Yeo, an immigration lawyer, noticed that the legal wording states that “a relevant officer is not liable in any criminal or civil proceedings” provided they behaved “in good faith.”

It states that if Border Force’s determinations were based on “reasonable grounds,” criminal action should not be taken.

The contentious Nationality and Borders Bill, which is part of the government’s “New Plan for Immigration,” has sparked considerable resistance from MPs and campaigners.

The bill intends to combat illegal immigration and human trafficking while also providing more assistance to individuals seeking asylum legitimately.

Critics of the Bill have argued that it violates the UK’s commitments under the UN Refugee Convention by removing the right of immigration and asylum seekers to seek judicial review.

Plans to give Border Force officers more protection in the case of death have gone unreported until now.

The attempts “to immunize officials from the criminal and civil law consequences of their acts” are a “worrying” move, according to Mr Yeo.

Ms Patel wants to reduce the number of people who make the perilous trek over the Channel, so the amendments to the law are timely.

Over 18,000 migrants have arrived in the UK in tiny boats so far this year, more than double the figure for the entire year of 2020.

Border Force has been given permission by the Home Secretary to begin employing new “turnback” methods to push small boats out of UK waterways.

Officials have been practicing bumping the backs of dinghies and turning them around with jet skis.

The measures are not already in use because authorities would face criminal charges if a migrant drowned under current legislation.

Mr Yeo explained how the Nationality and Borders Bill will alter the law: “If an immigration official has reasonable reasons to suspect that certain immigration offenses are being or have been committed, he or she can use these pushback powers.

“If that is the case, the official may order the relevant ship to be stopped and boarded. “Brinkwire Summary News “..


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