Priti Patel has called for the construction of a “huge facility” in Dover to safely process migrants.


Priti Patel has called for the construction of a “huge facility” in Dover to safely process migrants.

According to one caller to LBC, PRITI PATEL needs to build a “huge facility” in Dover to safely process migrants who have crossed the English Channel.

On Saturday, a tearful Jane from Dover told Maajid Nawaz that she had seen an elderly migrant woman land on Dover’s beaches and kiss the sand as she jumped off the boat.

She burst into tears at the sight and expressed her desire for a facility to be built in Dover to properly process migrants in a safe and secure manner. Around 1,000 people are believed to have crossed the channel in small boats on Tuesday, bringing the total this year to over 24,000 people.

Jane expressed her sadness because she could empathize with the woman and said she would do “exactly the same” for her family if she were in her position.

“I am so sad that people are being so horrible and mean to these people,” she said, holding back tears.

She claimed that some Britons believe migrants crossing the Channel are “just looking for a handout.”

But, as she questioned people’s reactions to the crisis, she added, “would you really do all of that for £30 a week?”

Jane went on to say that once migrants arrive in the UK, they need a safe place to stay.

She emphasized how “huge” Dover is, with “so many green spaces,” and asked why more can’t be done to assist.

As a result, she wonders why Home Secretary Priti Patel “has not built a huge facility here and processed them like human beings” as she demands action to address the crisis.

On Thursday, Priti Patel told reporters in Washington, DC, that Britain is currently experiencing a “mass migration crisis.”

Ms Patel then launched a furious attack on Brussels, blaming the bloc’s internal open borders for fueling the Channel migrant crisis, which she blamed on the bloc’s internal open borders, which she claims allow millions of illegal migrants to freely move around the Schengen area.

Despite her criticism of the EU and speculation about France’s role in the crisis, Ms Patel stated that French authorities are “absolutely patrolling the beaches” as agreed in a deal with the UK.

“I would maintain that the numbers are so significant that they have enough resources,” she said.

We keep pressing France on this, and we’re asking them to do so.

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