Priti Patel has announced a £25 million fund to protect women.


Priti Patel has announced a £25 million fund to protect women.

In the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s murder, PRITI PATEL pledged to prioritize women’s protection as she unveiled a £25 million initiative to make streets safer. It comes as police departments are being asked to rebuild public trust by increasing the number of personnel on the streets.

Following the outbreak, Ms Patel promised that the country will “build back safer” and that the extra funds would go to “crime prevention efforts around the country where women and girls say they feel most insecure.” “We have all been impacted by the awful situations of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa, Bibaa Henry, and Nicole Smallman,” she remarked.

“Tackling violence against women and girls is my top focus as we recover from the pandemic.”

Baroness Kennedy QC, a human rights lawyer, said she was tired of hearing police departments state they will “learn lessons” after a catastrophe. “Institutions frequently put their own reputations first,” she said.

She chastised the Met Police for failing to prosecute Wayne Couzens, who was sentenced to life in prison last week for the murder of Ms Everard.

Officer Couzens handcuffed and pulled the 33-year-old marketing executive from the street as she walked home.

He then raped and murdered her after driving her 80 miles. Couzens was sentenced to a life sentence, which means he will die in prison.

Couzens had “given out alarm signals to colleagues” and was on “inquiry lists in regard to flashing behavior,” according to Baroness Kennedy, who was a Met officer at the time he wrongfully detained Ms Everard.

And it was revealed last night that Couzens had been stationed at the Houses of Parliament on several occasions to protect MPs.

According to reports, he performed responsibilities there on at least five occasions and was even given a “access all areas” permission. The news has Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the House of Commons, “very disturbed.”

“Like everyone else, I’ve been appalled by Wayne Couzens’ wickedness – and heartbroken for Sarah Everard’s family,” he said.

“I’ve requested an urgent meeting with the Met to discuss how this person was considered appropriate for deployment here.” I’ll also be looking for assurances that no one on the parliamentary estate was ever in danger.” Serving police personnel should be “fully assessed,” according to former policing minister Sir Mike Penning. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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