Princess Margaret’s grandson will take on the arduous task that Prince Edward notoriously abandoned.


Princess Margaret’s grandson will take on the arduous task that Prince Edward notoriously abandoned.

Arthur Chatto, Princess Margaret’s grandson, is set to take on a grueling challenge that Prince Edward famously abandoned.

The 22-year-old will join the Royal Marines as their newest officer recruit and will undergo 32 weeks of grueling training, which has been considered one of the world’s longest and most demanding training programs. Arthur is the Queen’s great-nephew and the younger son of Daniel and Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret’s daughter. He will be the first member of the Royal Family to join the Marines since Prince Edward abandoned the training in 1986.

Because Royal Marines are famed for their physical toughness, there are expectations that you must be in “the best shape of your life” to complete the procedure.

After posting photographs on a now-defunct Instagram profile that drove royal enthusiasts into a frenzy, many argue that the Queen’s great-nephew already has the physique required for the job.

The New York Post dubbed the royal, who is 29th in line to the throne, a “royal thirst trap” after seeing him practicing topless or going for a wild swim in a series of photos uploaded on social media.

Many believe that because of the royal’s obvious physical endurance demonstrated in prior sporting endeavors, he will certainly complete more of the training than Prince Edward, who only completed a third of it in 1987.

The monarch worked as a personal trainer at the BoundFitness gym in Edinburgh while studying geography at the University of Edinburgh, specializing in “strength and endurance training with a military focus.”

He calls his training “an vital cornerstone in enhancing my own mental health,” emphasizing that the benefits of exercise and training go beyond physical fitness.

Arthur has been organizing boot camps on the Meadows and online exercise videos via Instagram for clients due to continuous lockdowns limiting indoor training sessions.

Arthur, who is 29th in line to the throne, has previously achieved a number of notable sporting achievements.

Arthur conducted a perilous 42-day journey in 2020 by rowing nonstop around the UK with three buddies for 2,000 miles.

The gang spent 38 days to complete the daunting mission, and Arthur has been preparing for commando training by “going.” Brinkwire Summary News


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