Princess Diana’s title: How it defied expectations.


Princess Diana’s title bucked the trend.

The public affectionately referred to PRINCESS DIANA as the People’s Princess.

Diana, on the other hand, defied convention when it came to her official royal title.

Prince Charles was one of the most eligible bachelors in the country for many years before announcing his engagement in 1981.

Lady Diana Spencer, his future wife, would go on to become one of the most adored members of the Royal Family.

Princess Diana was her public title, though it wasn’t entirely accurate.

As the daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer, Lady Diana Spencer was born into the aristocracy.

Diana was born The Honourable Diana Frances Spencer because her father had yet to inherit his earldom at the time of her birth.

Lady Diana Spencer’s title was changed to reflect her husband’s royal title after they married.

Prince Charles was given the title of Prince of Wales by his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1958 as the heir apparent to the throne.

The title of Prince of Wales has long been associated with the reigning monarch’s eldest son in the Royal Family.

After her wedding, Diana was given the title of Princess of Wales.

Diana also took on some of her husband’s female equivalent titles.

Diana was also the Duchess of Rothesay and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Princess Diana was a title given to her by the public and the media, but it was not entirely accurate.

Diana’s official title of Princess of Wales was shortened to ‘Princess Diana.’

Only certain women born royal can use the Princess title with their first names in the British Royal Family.

Only the monarch’s daughters and granddaughters through the male line can be called princesses, according to a Letters Patent issued by King George V.

Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter, was eligible for the title of Princess under these regulations.

However, as the Queen’s granddaughter through the female line, Anne’s daughter Zara was not eligible for the Princess title.

Diana was no longer referred to as Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales after her divorce.

Her Royal Highness’s style was no longer allowed to be used.

However, she was allowed to keep her title as Princess of Wales and was known as Diana, Princess of Wales until her death in 1997.


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