Princess Diana’s jewelry: A look at the late Princess’ massive collection and who now owns it.


Princess Diana’s jewelry: A look at the late Princess’ massive collection and who now owns it.

PRINCESS DIANA was known for her impeccable sense of style, and she was known for accessorizing her legendary dresses with sparkling jewelry. This website examines the late Princess’ colossal jewelry collection.

Princess Diana, as a member of the Royal Family, frequently wore pieces from the Queen’s jewelry collection while on royal engagements. Diana, on the other hand, amassed an incredible jewelry collection over her lifetime.

Diana’s jewelry collection was handed to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, after her death in 1997.

Diana requested that her personal jewelry be distributed as her sons saw fit, writing in a letter of wishes, “I would prefer you to allocate all my jewelry to the portion to be held by my sons, so that their wives may have it or utilize it in due course.”

“I’ll leave the precise allocation of the jewelry to you.”

Both men are now married, and their spouses have been photographed wearing Diana’s jewelry on numerous occasions.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring from Prince Charles is worn by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, as her own engagement ring.

During a trip to Kenya in 2010, Prince William proposed with his late mother’s ring, however the ring had previously belonged to Prince Harry.

“While Prince Harry inherited the ring in 1997 after Diana’s terrible death, it’s reported he offered the cherished ring to his brother, Prince William, so he could propose to Kate Middleton with it,” said Max Stone of jewellery experts Steven Stone.

“When Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged in 2010, the royal engagement ring was thrust into the spotlight once more.

“At the time, the sale of blue sapphires rose by roughly 300 percent globally, and sales of sapphires are still skyrocketing thanks to Netflix’s The Crown, with old style halo designs being highly popular.

“We estimate the value of this ring to be roughly £390,000 now due to inflation and its legacy, but thanks to its history, beauty, and irreplaceable heritage, it will most likely be worth over £500,000 in ten years.”

Meghan Markle was given an engagement ring with strong ties to Princess Diana when she was engaged to Prince Harry.

The ring contained three diamonds, with the centre stone said to have been acquired from Botswana, a country near to Harry and Meghan’s home.


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