Princess Diana would have advised Kate to do “what she felt was right” instead of following protocol.


Princess Diana would have advised Kate to do “what she felt was right” instead of following protocol.

PRINCESS DIANA, one of the late royal’s confidantes believes, would have advised Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, on protocol and doing “what she thought was right.”

Princess Diana’s confidante and healer Simone Simmons believes the late Princess of Wales and Kate would have enjoyed each other’s company.

Diana would have shown her the ropes and given her advice on how to navigate the Firm if she had been alive to meet her firstborn’s wife, the insider added.

According to the confidante, she would have advised Kate on royal protocol in particular.

“Diana would have loved Kate because she is down to earth and she knows everything there is to know about William,” Ms Simmons told the Daily Mail.

“You get the impression that a million words are passing between them when they look at each other.”

“I’m sure Diana and Kate would have gotten along swimmingly.

“I envision them going out together, giggling and enjoying each other’s company.

“Kate, like William, has a wonderful sense of humour.

“She would have explained that getting along with the Royal Family isn’t always easy, and that when it came to protocol, she should do what she thought was right as well as what was expected of her.”

“I believe Kate has done just that.”

Ms Simmons met Princess Diana at the Hale Clinic, an alternative medicine center, and the two became friends.

Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997, when she would have turned 60 in July 2021.

Prince William met Kate at St Andrews University in 2001, and after developing a strong friendship with her, he is believed to have begun dating her only a few months later.

Kate and Prince William are making sure that their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are aware of the Princess of Wales’s death.

The Duke of Cambridge expressed his desire for his children to “know who she was and that she existed” in the 2017 documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.

At bedtime, he said he “always” talks to them “about Granny Diana.”

This enables them to recognize that they have “two grandmothers in their lives,” as William so poignantly put it at the time.

“We have more photos of her up around the house now, and we talk about her a little,” he added.

The words of Prince William about Diana have clearly had an impact.

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