Princess Diana will be regarded as a “lasting figure” who “turned the dial” in terms of societal issues.


Princess Diana will be regarded as a “lasting figure” who “turned the dial” in terms of societal issues.

On the 24th anniversary of Princess Diana’s terrible death in Paris, a royal historian has praised her as a “wonderful philanthropist.”

On the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, her charitable work was recognized, and the Princess of Wales was commended for her philanthropic efforts. The Princess of Wales was noted for breaching royal rules with her friendly approach to the public throughout her royal career, and she was a Patron to over 100 organizations during her lifetime. Despite her divorce from Prince Charles, the Princess continued to work as a humanitarian throughout the 1990s and was considered one of the world’s most powerful persons.

“Diana will always be a lasting figure, she was a tremendous philanthropist, she was a person who turned the dial on many social issues,” historian and writer Andrew Roberts told the Today Show.

“At the same time, she is the mother of England’s next but one king.”

Princess Diana, unlike other members of the Royal Family, gained notoriety for her relaxed demeanor when greeting members of the public.

During a visit to Harlem Hospital Center in New York, she was famously pictured cuddling a seven-year-old child with AIDS. Despite the stigma associated with AIDS, Princess Diana would frequently make physical contact with victims, stating, “HIV does not make people unsafe to know.” You are welcome to shake their hands and hug them. They certainly require it.”

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Throughout the 1990s, she continued to work with HIV/AIDS victims, establishing a variety of organizations and centers, including the Landmark Aids Centre in South London.

Princess Diana also worked extensively with leprosy organizations, visiting hospitals in Indonesia, India, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria as part of the Leprosy Mission. In an attempt to provide consolation and de-stigmatise the sickness, she would often stroke the sufferers’ limbs and clasp their hands.

Her other charity endeavors included raising awareness about landmines, cancer patients, and the well-being of youngsters.

She continued to represent the Royal Family after her divorce from Prince Charles in 1992, and she went on a number of solo tours and engagements.

Princess Diana began her public career when she married Prince Charles in a highly publicized wedding at the age of 20.


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