Princess Diana made a significant blunder when she adopted a new trend: “You poisoned me!” she exclaimed.


Princess Diana made a significant blunder when she adopted a new trend: “You poisoned me!” she exclaimed.

PRINCESS DIANA embraced a fad that only became fashionable years later, according to her former cook.

Princess Diana began juicing in the 1990s as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to her former chef Darren McGrady. According to the chef, the late Princess of Wales changed her lifestyle in the mid-1990s, particularly after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Mr McGrady stated that Diana was meticulous about the ingredients she used in her meals and was eager to explore new foods.

Mr McGrady stated she studied juicing among them.

“She began juicing before anyone had even heard of it,” he told Mashed.

The monarch would frequently experiment with various fruit and vegetable combinations in her juices.

Mr McGrady noted that the princess did make a big error while hunting for a nutritious and pleasant drink.

Diana requested a juice made entirely of beets to help her skin.

Despite the chef’s best efforts to persuade the late princess to drink something other than beets, such as apple juice or celery, she insisted on drinking only beets.

Mr McGrady gave in and created the juice requested by the princess the day before the Trooping the Colour procession commemorating the Queen’s formal birthday.

Diana, on the other hand, had an unfavorable reaction to the juice.

“[Princess Diana] came in [to the kitchen]an hour later, and her face was all blotchy!” Mr McGrady claimed.

It was most likely a reaction to the beets.

“‘You poisoned me,’ she said.”

“It’s the beet juice!” I exclaimed.

Diana’s complexion cleaned up after she drank “tons of water,” according to Mr McGrady.

“She was alright after that,” he continued.

“However, we’d start mixing it with apple juice after that.”

“She ate the beets and drank the apple juice.”

In 1982, Mr. McGrady joined the kitchen staff at Buckingham Palace, where he cooked for the Queen and Prince Philip on a daily basis and produced elaborate dinners for state visits and formal functions.

He moved to Kensington Palace in 1993 and began cooking for Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and their sons Harry and William.

Until her death in 1997, he remained at the princess’ service.

Mr McGrady previously discussed the more relaxed approach he could take while working for Princess Diana, who even volunteered to pour him a cup of coffee so he wouldn’t have to pause his work.

In addition, the former royal chef described how he would deceive the Queen. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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