Princess Charlene’s latest: Following the release of a strange film, concerns about Monaco’s royalty have grown.


Princess Charlene’s latest: Following the release of a strange film, concerns about Monaco’s royalty have grown.

Princess Charlene of Monaco, who is on an extended leave of absence from the principality, uploaded a mysterious video on Instagram last week as she skipped yet another function.

Princess Charlene, 43, shared the video on her Instagram account on the day of the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health, expressing her support for the event. However, the video seemed to have generated more questions than it answered, as the monarch has been missing from Monaco for almost five months due to mystery health issues.

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“Wishing Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation [sic]and Princess Charle in Monaco Foundation for the evening’s fundraiser…a successful and lovely occasion,” the video begins with text.

“HSH Princess Charlene de Monaco, please accept our heartfelt gratitude.”

The following picture shows Charlene’s head emerging from the water, bejeweled in a tiara.

“As I was born of the water, so the ocean was born of me,” the caption continues. I’m going to show you a little bit of both.” The portrait was taken by Vanessa von Zitzewitz and published for a fundraising endeavor, however it is undated and thought to have been taken while Princess Charlene was still in Monaco.

The film was widely perceived as the princess’s attempt to demonstrate her attachment to Monaco, but it looks to have backfired, attracting even more attention to her absence.

The statement was described as “enigmatic” by Le Figaro, “strange” by Elle magazine, and “concerning” by The New York Times.

Charlene has been in South Africa, where she grew up, for more than five months on a journey that was supposed to be a quick visit to work with her foundation.

She was transported to the hospital earlier this month after collapsing due to a “severe” sinus infection, according to an assistant.

The princess was stated to be in “stable” condition following the event, but the hospital declined to comment on the specifics of her treatment due to privacy concerns.

The ambiguity surrounding the situation, however, has fueled suspicion that her marriage is on the rocks and that she will not be returning to Monaco.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” Charlene was.


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