Princess Charlene’s health status: Charlene has arrived, but where has Prince Albert gone?


PRINCESS Charlene of Monaco shared a new picture of herself on Sunday as speculation over her health and wellbeing continues to grow.

Princess Charlene, 43, has caused concern in recent weeks with a series of cryptic, impersonal Instagram posts, with speculation growing about her health and marriage. But the Zimbabwe-born Monegasque princess finally appeared again in what appears to be a live post, shared to the social media platform from South Africa on Sunday, though there was no sign of Prince Albert nearby.

In the post, the princess is wearing rosary beads and is sitting in front of a bible.

The caption is simply, “God bless”, with Charlene sporting a wide grin.

This is the first new picture of the princess since she was discharged from a South African hospital last month for a sudden medical emergency.

Charlene left for South Africa – where she grew up – more than five months ago, for what was initially expected to be a brief trip to work with her foundation.

In early September, she was rushed to hospital when she collapsed due to a “severe” sinus infection, an aide said.

The princess was said to be in a “stable” condition after the incident, but the hospital would not confirm the details of her treatment for confidential reasons.

However, the mystery surrounding the situation has led to rampant speculation that her marriage was breaking down and she would not be returning to Monaco.

Speculation grew when she posted a cryptic video showing her emerging from water, with the caption: “As I was born of the ocean so the ocean was born of me. I present to you a piece of both”.

The video was timed to coincide with the Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health, yet another event the princess was absent from.

The video was widely interpreted as an attempt by the princess to show she remains attached to Monaco, but it appears to have backfired, drawing even more attention to her absence.

Charlene has now not been seen in Monaco since January, leaving Prince Albert alone with their six-year-old twins.

There has been rampant speculation the couple would be splitting up, but both Charlene and Albert have sought to quell the rumours.

Speaking to South African radio, Charlene said she was remaining in her home country for medical reasons, saying in July that she “cannot force. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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