Princess Anne’s strong ‘work ethic”mirrors’ the Queen in a touching way – Expert.


Princess Anne’s strong ‘work ethic”mirrors’ the Queen in a touching way – Expert.

PRINCESS ANNE is well-known for her public service. Anne “mirrors” the Queen in many of her behaviors while out on official engagements, according to a body language expert.

Princess Elizabeth promised to devote her entire life to royal service when she was 21 years old. The Queen, who is now 95 years old, has kept her word and continues to attend royal engagements across the United Kingdom. Princess Anne, 71, the monarch’s only daughter, is regarded as one of the Royal Family’s hardest workers, because to her mother’s strong work ethic.

Princess Anne, as a senior member of the Royal Family, has various solo royal engagements throughout the year.

The Queen, on the other hand, frequently chooses Anne to accompany her to key royal engagements.

Judi James, a body language specialist, spoke to This website about photos of the couple on royal engagements in recent years.

Anne also “mirrors” her mother’s body language and clothing, according to Ms James.

“Anne will frequently replicate her mother’s body language in a way that shows both respect and like-minded thinking, and she will also dress in very similar outfits,” Ms James added.

“We can see her smiling and face-checking her mother here, but there are no signs of the anxiety or support routines that the Queen appears to be allergic to, despite the fact that she’s in her nineties.”

“Anne will also take a step back rather than hover, and when she does turn to face her mother, her look suggests she’s provoking humour rather than conveying concern.”

Princess Anne is reported to have many hobbies in common with her mother, and she also appears to have the Queen’s sense of humour.

“Anne was always known as the chip off the old block in terms of comparable personalities and behavior,” Ms James said.

“However, she has shown so many shows of empathy and loving friendship with her mother in the last few years, especially since Philip’s death.

“The two women share a passion for horses as well as a strong work ethic, and they are both noted for their calm demeanors.

“We can see they have a sense of humour from their body language together.”

“This tends to be restrained in public due of respect for their roles, but the signals imply they have a lot.”


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