Princess Anne’s acrimonious exchange with Prince Charles: “He burst into tears”


Princess Anne’s acrimonious exchange with Prince Charles: “He burst into tears”

PRINCESS ANNE allegedly made Prince Charles cry during their youth, according to newly discovered reports.

As he prepares to publish his memoirs next year, Prince Charles is becoming increasingly concerned about his son Harry, according to sources. According to officials mentioned in today’s The Mirror, the Prince of Wales is getting “worried” about Harry’s chosen course. “Sure, Charles can be accused of being a little old school in his feelings at times, but he adores both of his sons and has done everything he can for them throughout their lives,” they stated.

“It’s fair to say he’s concerned about Harry’s chosen route, and he believes the frequent attacks on his parenting method, as well as other harsh comments from family members, are absolutely unjust.

“He would never want to drive Harry any more away than he already is, but it’s a tough situation.”

Since the Sussexes’ departure in January 2020, the Royal Family has been divided, with Harry and Charles’ relationship appearing to be strained.

However, according to newly discovered reports, it was a quarrel with another family member that brought Charles to tears in his early years.

Princess Anne, Charles’ sister, was a very domineering child, according to royal analyst Ingrid Seward’s book, My Husband and I: the Inside Story of 70 Years of the Royal Marriage.

This resulted in a feud between the two royals when they were little.

“Anne had just returned from a riding class and set about her brother with her riding crop,” Ms Seward wrote.

As the Queen opened the door, Charles fell into tears.

“She screamed angrily, ‘Why can’t you behave yourselves!’”

Later in age, Anne confessed how much the two fought, claiming that they “fought like cats and dogs.”

“Anne would boss Charles; she would take command of things,” Ms Seward wrote in her book.

“She would grab a toy if it was a toy she wanted.

“She also grabbed whatever Charles wanted – and she wanted all he had.”

Despite their difficulties as children, the two have become closer in recent years.

“Charles is closest to his sister Anne of all his siblings and has always been very supportive and affectionate towards his niece,” royal expert Rob Jobson told Fabulous Digital.

“Zara is a blood relative. He’s known her since she was a newborn, so it’s a lot closer than anything like “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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