Princess Anne was enraged as she bemoaned her public duties, saying, “It’s difficult to give things up!”


PRINCESS ANNE once admitted how difficult she found it giving up royal duties having taken on so many over the years.

The Princess Royal was pictured at UNESCO headquarters this week as she continued her short trip to France. She met with the director of the organisation in Paris, having presented the winning trophies in Europe’s richest horse race, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, which was won by the shock 80-1 outsider Torquator Tasso, the day before. As part of the trip, the former Olympic equestrian met with leading female scientists, and also watched a demonstration of military equine skills.

While at UNESCO headquarters, Anne was shown a series of photographs of her late father, Prince Philip, as the outfit celebrated its 75th anniversary.

The two-day stint is just one in a number of public visits Anne has carried out in recent months.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, she has travelled up and down the UK, meeting with the public and attending various ceremonies.

Anne’s life has been characterised by her work ethic.

Patron to over 200 organisations, she has become known as one of the hardest-working members of the Royal Family.

Yet, as she grows older, an expectation for her to cede some of her roles and responsibilities to younger members of the Firm in order to prepare them for more senior roles has surfaced.

But, as she has previously hinted, this is no easy thing to do.

In 2010, she spoke to the BBC for a special documentary commemorating her 60th birthday.


Here, John Inverdale quizzed her on how long her hand might last in the various organisations.

He asked: “They (the organisations) appreciate enormously having you as their patron and what that brings to their organisation, do you not worry sometimes that you may spread yourself too thinly?”

The Princess admitted that she found it increasingly difficult to give up her work commitments, and replied: “I think it’s a perfectly justifiable concern and I think I’ve pretty much stopped taking anything on.

“Only every time I say that someone or other, the Queen Mother or perhaps my father say ‘perhaps it’s time you cut down but, by the way, we need you to do this’.

“It’s not as easy as you’d like it to be – it’s quite difficult to give things up.”

Later on in the interview, Mr Inverdale asked. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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