Princess Anne surprises her visitors with a £0.15 pudding to ‘enjoy in the car.’


PRINCESS ANNE has shared a cheeky secret regarding what her guests can expect when coming over for dinner.

The busiest member of the royal family might live in the fancy St James’ Palace in London but she is much less regal when it comes to serving food to her guests. For herself, Anne enjoys kippers, a form of smoked herring, or devilled pheasant with whipped cream and Green Label mango chutney, but when hosting, she has different things on the menu.

The Princess Royal has said she enjoys serving pork pies and “anything by Fray Bentos” (a supermarket brand of tinned meat), according to MailOnline.

The publication added that guests can expect dishes made out of boiled potatoes, peas or green beans — whichever she can defrost the quickest.

She used to serve starters but now considers them a waste of time.

The most unusual thing on her menu is probably what she gives out to her guests as dessert.

As a matter of fact, instead of serving it on a plate at the dinner table, Princess Anne reportedly sends her guests away with this very affordable treat as a giveaway present.

In her own words, the monarch said she prefers her guests not to stay over too late, which is why she gives them a chocolate ice cream bar to go.

“After all, one wants everyone out of the house by 9.15pm at the latest”, said Princess Anne.

“For pudding, I pass them a choc ice to eat in the car.”

Similarly, for her 70th birthday, the Queen’s daughter celebrated with a glass of barley water and a supermarket cake from the Mr Kipling range.

Within the royal family, Anne isn’t the only one with a sweet tooth and a preference for supermarket indulgent snacks.

Speaking to Tv2000, royal commentator Luisa Ciuni said Prince William partly fall for Kate Middleton because Kate’s mom introduced him to £1.65 Viennetta ice cream dessert.

“At first, after overcoming a certain degree of embarrassment – Kate and William were still young, at university – they said, ‘come and have tea at our house.’


“They brought a Viennetta and he had never eaten something so good.

“From then on, Mrs Middleton, a mother who has since been accused of having groomed her daughters to become princesses, was in charge of making the prince have a Viennetta every time he. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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