Princess Alexandra was made to laugh by a pair of police trousers.


Princess Alexandra was made to laugh by a pair of police trousers.

PRINCESS ALEXANDRA is the Queen’s cousin and a member of the Royal Family who works behind the scenes, but she is not as well-known as many of the senior royals. But why did she burst out laughing at a royal garden party in 2010 because of a pair of police trousers? The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, Princess Alexandra, is well recognized for her royal duties and for being the Queen’s cousin. She is a patron or president of over 100 organizations ranging from the arts to healthcare. According to the founders of Operation Encompass and Silver Stories, she has seen many highs and lows during her career as a working member of the Royal Family, one of the highs being an incident involving a pair of police constable’s trousers.

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth, a former headteacher, and her husband, David, a retired police sergeant, founded Operation Encompass and Silver Stories, two organizations.

Operation Encompass is an organization that helps children who have been victims of domestic abuse, whereas Silver Stories encourages youngsters to read to the elderly to alleviate loneliness.

Princess Alexandra was the couple’s first meeting prior to their charity endeavors.

During this exchange, a pair of police trousers provided the catalyst for everyone to burst out laughing.

“We actually met Princess Alexandra at a royal garden party in 2010,” Mrs Carney-Haworth told this website.

“We were invited to the party before my husband retired from the police force.”

Mr Carney-Haworth planned to attend the event dressed in his police uniform, which consisted of a tunic and a pair of woollen trousers.

He, on the other hand, lacked a pair of smart woollen pants and instead wore polyester ones that a police officer would wear.

Mr. Carney-Haworth went to the stores where police officers can get their uniforms.

The seamstress, on the other hand, did not have any woollen trousers to match the tunic.

“The lady informed him she did not have any formal trousers he would wear but that he could not attend a royal garden party in his normal trousers because it would look dreadful,” the former headteacher told This website.

She went on to say that the seamstress came up with a solution by volunteering to alter a pair of formal trousers she already had that had been ordered for Stephen Otter, the chief constable at the time.

The former police constable, on the other hand, was at least six feet tall, whilst Mr.


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