Prince William is looking for ‘women led solutions’ for the Earthshot prize.


‘I can’t wait!’ Prince William is on the lookout for ‘women-led solutions’ for the Earthshot prize.

The Duke of Cambridge has confirmed that Prince William’s Earthshot Prize will prioritize “indigenous and women-led solutions.”

The £1 million environmental prize, now in its second year, is awarded to the creators of groundbreaking technology that can help save the planet.

Last year, there were concerns that the prize was too male-dominated.

Women were in charge of only four of the 15 projects.

This year, as a prize spokesman stated, they are looking for something different.

“The prize…will also prioritize indigenous and women-led solutions, Web3.0 enabled solutions, nominations that unlock new financial models that value nature, and finally, wild cards – out-of-the-box, blue sky solutions with transformative impact potential,” he added.

This year, the organizers of the Earthshot Prize have stated that they are looking for projects that focus on key “tipping points” for the planet.

Initiatives to “extend the life of fashion, food, and plastic products” have also piqued the organizers’ interest.

More solutions will be sought to develop more environmentally friendly transportation.

This year’s hot topics include regenerative agriculture and building retrofits.

The Duke established the environmental initiative in order to find solutions for repairing and protecting the environment.

Over a ten-year period, it will award £50 million in prizes.

The winners of 2021, according to the Duke, “set the bar incredibly high.”

He did say, however, that he was looking forward to the competition this year.

“As nominations for 2022 open, I’m excited to see what solutions the prize helps champion this year,” he said.

“In 2022, we’re determined to go even further by seeking even more nominations from all corners of the globe, ensuring that we spotlight and scale the very best ideas and innovations that will put our planet on a sustainable path and protect our planet for future generations.”


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