Prince William and Kate’s “magnetic link” has been studied by an astrologer.


Prince William and Kate’s “magnetic link” has been studied by an astrologer.

Despite being complete “opposites,” Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, share a “magnetic connection,” according to an astrologer.

Princess Diana’s astrologer, Debbie Frank, has stated that Prince William and Kate are a remarkable match. According to Ms Frank, the Duchess of Cambridge is an ideal fit for the Royal Family because, as a Capricorn, she is prone to maintaining the status quo and has a tradition-keeping temperament. “She can contain herself within that institution,” the astrologer observed. On the other hand, Prince William, like his mother, is a Cancer.

Ms Frank argued that this meant he and Kate are “total opposites.”

She did add, though, that “opposites attract.”

Furthermore, Kate’s moon sign is Cancer, thus the two share that trait.

“There is obviously this tremendous magnetic connection between Kate and William,” Ms Frank remarked.

The astrologer also spoke about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave their Royal Family responsibilities.

Princess Diana, she asserted, would have sympathized with Meghan.

“There was a period when Diana took a step back,” Ms Frank told Town & Country Mag.

“It’s often forgotten, but Diana herself gave a statement in which she stated, ‘I need some time and space.’ ‘I’m going to take a step back.’

“However, it wasn’t a long-term decision. I believe she would understand the pressure since she was under a lot of it herself.”

“I think Diana was more subtle, and I think she wanted the monarchy to survive, and she wanted William to become king,” she continued.

“She wished for everything to continue in that manner. She did it because of who she was, not because she wanted to modernize the monarchy.”

“It wasn’t a mental construct for her; she couldn’t help herself because no one had ever seen someone be so passionate, be so engaged with the people as she was,” Ms Frank continued.

“She just did it naturally by being herself,” says the author.

Baby Lilibet and young Archie’s charts were also examined by the astrologer.

Lili has “a very different signature from a lot of other royals,” according to Ms Frank, “whereas Archie is pretty similar to a lot of his cousins.”

She Frank indicates that many of the planets and signs that are important in Archie’s horoscope are also prominent in the horoscopes of other royals.

Lili, on the other hand, has. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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