Prince Harry spoke out about William’s rejection of him, saying, “Older brothers think they know best.”


Prince Harry spoke out about William’s rejection of him, saying, “Older brothers think they know best.”

PRINCE HARRY discussed his relationship with Prince William, saying that “the older brother always thinks they know better,” but that he will continue to provide him advice, even if it is rejected.

At the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue earlier this month, Princes William and Harry stood shoulder to shoulder. While the brothers attempted to present a unified face in honor of their mother’s 60th birthday, they did not appear to interact much with one another. In an interview with Oprah, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, made a series of startling charges against the Royal Family, including that the Duchess had encountered prejudice and was not supported when she struggled with her mental health.

During the interview, the Duke of Sussex also revealed that he and his brother’s relationship is now “space.”

“As I already stated, I adore William to bits,” he remarked.

“We’ve both been through hell, and we’ve both had similar experiences, but we’re on different paths.”

“The connection is ‘space’ at the moment,” the Duke added, apparently frightened.

“And, ideally, time heals all wounds.”

Prince Harry had previously voiced his feelings for not only his brother, but also his father, Prince Charles, and how he sees their roles as kings-in-waiting as a “trapped” status inside the monarchy.

“It’s part of the job,” he explained. That is what is expected, regardless of who is in the family, what is going on in your personal life, or what has recently occurred.

“My father and brother are imprisoned. They don’t have the option of leaving [their roles].

“And for that, I have a great deal of sympathy.”

Many royal admirers were saddened by Harry’s remarks because he and his brother used to be so close.

In a 2010 interview, Harry admitted that being by his brother’s side was his most important job, and that he would have given him advice even after becoming king.

“I will always offer him as much support as I can,” he told ITV regarding their friendship.

“It’s understandable that it’s not always valued, because the bigger brother always feels he knows best.

“However, if he asks for my opinion, I always offer it to him.”

“When I think he’s wrong, I’ll tell him he’s wrong,” the Duke of Sussex continued.

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