Prince Harry has informed a number of individuals that he intends to christen Lilibet at Windsor Castle.


Prince Harry has informed a number of individuals that he intends to christen Lilibet at Windsor Castle.

PRINCE According to reports, Harry has told “many people” that he plans to have Lilibet Diana baptised at Windsor.

In keeping with royal custom, the Duke of Sussex may return to the United Kingdom to baptize his baby daughter. Lilibet Diana was born in Santa Barbara on June 4th. The news was publicized two days later by Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Sussexes would be following in the footsteps of Prince Charles, who picked Windsor for Prince William’s christening.

However, a royal source informed Eden Confidential that Harry has no plans to baptize his younger child anytime soon.

“Harry told several individuals that they want Lili baptised at Windsor, much like her brother,” they stated.

“They are content to wait until the situation permits.”

Since Lilibet’s birth, there has been much discussion about whether Harry and Meghan will opt to christen her with members of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom.

Daniela Elser, a royal commentator, believes the pair could enhance their ties with the Royal Family if they did so.

Meghan would be visiting the UK for the first time since March 2020.

“If the Sussexes decided they wanted the christening to happen back in the UK, perhaps even in September when it has been rumoured that both Harry and Meghan will return to London, then it would be construed as an olive branch after years of intra-family squabbling and rancour,” Ms Elser wrote in a comment piece for

The parents could also choose not to have their daughter baptized at all, according to the royal advisor.

She contended, however, that this alternative would be seen as disrespectful to the Queen.

“However, if the Sussexes opted to hold the ceremony in California, preventing the Queen from attending because she no longer travels internationally, it would be seen as nothing less than a stark rejection of the Royal Family,” Ms Elser added.

“Another alternative is that they decide not to have a baptism at all. But, given that Her Majesty is the head of the Church of England, this, too, would be interpreted as profoundly disrespectful.”


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